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  • Text
    Doug Wright
  • French translation
    Jean-Pierre Cloutier
  • Directors
    Jean-Pierre Cloutier
    Robert Lepage
  • Performed by
    Jean-Pierre Cloutier
    Érika Gagnon
    Pierre-Olivier Grondin
    Robert Lepage
    Jean-Sébastien Ouellette
    Mary-Lee Picknell
  • Directors' assistant
    Adèle Saint-Amand
  • Set Designer
    Christian Fontaine
  • Lighting Designer
    Lucie Bazzo
  • Sound Designer
    Antoine Bédard
  • Costume Designer
    Sébastien Dionne
  • Properties
    Sylvie Courbron
  • Production
    Ex Machina
  • In co-production with
    Théâtre du Trident
  • Originally produced by the New York Theater Workshop (1995) /
    Jim Nicola, Artistic Director / Nancy Kassak Diekmann, Managing Director



Are your convictions so fragile that mine cannot stand in opposition to them?

The story begins in France during the reign of Napoleon I, in the peaceful Charenton Asylum, where the most famous resident is the irrepressible Marquis de Sade. Abbé de Coulmier, the director of the facility, believes he can rehabilitate this man who uses his writing to explore what is forbidden to humans, his sexual urges and his immoral desires.

Despite the Abbé’s pervasive presence, Sade continues to get his scandalous stories published with the help of the young laundress, Madeleine. Napoleon I sends Dr. Royer-Collard to the asylum to silence this crazy person whose work is jeopardizing the society’s moral foundations. But how far will he go to stop him?

This masterful production of Quills, Doug Wright’s controversial work on censorship, is a collaboration of Jean-Pierre Cloutier and Robert Lepage.


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