Ex Machina: Chantiers d’écriture scénique - Creating for the Stage

Chantiers d’écriture scénique. Photo: Érick Labbé

By Patrick Caux and Bernard Gilbert

The book Ex Machina: Creating for the Stage proposes an excursion into the theatre and opera worlds of Ex Machina. From the very beginnings to the final writing of the shows, one discoves from the inside, the company’s creative process.

“With the passing years, many things have been written on the company. The main goal of this book is to reappropriate the theory behind our work in order to make it available to the readers.” Robert Lepage

Publication at Septentrion and L’Instant même
Available at lacaserne.net’s online store, at la Caserne, in Quebec book stores or on Septentrion‘s website.