Le Dragon bleu - The Blue Dragon

Graphic Novel of The Blue Dragon

Alto Edition, in collaboration with Ex Machina, is proud to announce the publication of the graphic adaptation of the show The Blue Dragon.

Pierre Lamontagne, the central figure in The Dragons’ Trilogy, who departs to study art in China as the play closes, resurfaces twenty years later in Shanghai where he runs an art gallery. Here he meets Claire Forêt, a Montreal ad executive, who arrives for a visit to rekindle their friendship and adopt a Chinese baby. Claire, who had known Pierre in another life at art school, casts a western look on his current existence. Through the shock of their rediscovery and confrontation, their common past opens an unexpected door to the future for both. Enter Xiao Ling, a Chinese artist exhibiting at Pierre’s gallery. As she faces wrenching choices, the young woman awakens hopes long buried in Claire. The encounter of these three characters brings about fundamental changes for each.

Available at lacaserne.net’s online store, in many bookstores and at La Caserne (109 Dalhousie, Quebec).

176 pages / $ 34,95