Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis is a permanent lighting installation inspired by the colors of the northern lights. Robert Lepage and Ex Machina will again exploit the lines of the Old Port grain silos, this impressive architecture structure, by permanently lighting them every night from dusk until 11:30 pm.

Aurora Borealis is a contemplative work; an artistic impression of the magnitude and the beauty of nature. It is not a show or a video projection but rather movement of light on a building, movements inspired by the aurora borealis.” Robert Lepage, designer and co-creator of the project.

Aurora Borealis is also the meeting of two artists, Robert Lepage and Martin Gagnon long-time collaborators on a multitude of projects, including The Image Mill™, ZuluTime and Elsinore.

For this project, the designers used green technologies that need very little maintenance; all the lights used are LED (Light-Emitting Diode) technology, known for its low energy consumption, its longevity and reliability.

Illumination time of the silos will vary depending on sunset times.

Our partners

Many partners helped to make this project possible. Thanks to the City of Quebec, who is the principal promoter, we can contemplate the permanent lighting system until 2027. Also, we would like to highlight the exceptional collaboration of the Port of Quebec and G3, who have generously opened their doors to us and have given us once again their trust.

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