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  • Comédiens/Danseurs
    Danseurs du NBOC
  • Metteur en scène
    Robert Lepage
  • Direction de création
    Steve Blanchet
  • Chorégraphe
    Guillaume Côté
  • Assistant m-e-s
    Adèle Saint-Amand
  • Scénographe
    Christian Fontaine
  • Concepteur accessoires
    Claudia Gendreau
  • Concepteur costumes
    Michael Gianfrancesco
  • Concepteur vidéo
    Laurie-Shawn Borzovoy
  • Concepteur éclairage
    Etienne Boucher
  • Compositeur et concepteur sonore
    Antoine Bédard
  • Consultant technique
    Tobie Horswill
  • Consultant vidéo
    Catherine Guay
  • Direction production
    Vanessa Landry-Claverie
  • Direction technique
    Paul Bourque

Frame by Frame


A ballet based on the work of Norman McLaren
By Robert Lepage and Guillaume Côté

About the Ballet
The legendary Canadian filmmaker and animator Norman McLaren set new standards for his art form throughout his long and illustrious career.
Best-known for his ACADEMY AWARD® winning film Neighbours (1952), McLaren’s experiments in various forms of animation and his innovative use of sound, music and drawn-on-film techniques saw him create works of unparalleled richness, visual brilliance and beauty, influencing subsequent generations of filmmakers the world over.

Now, the renowned playwright, director, actor and filmmaker Robert Lepage comes to The National Ballet of Canada for the first time to collaborate with the company’s Choreographic Associate Guillaume Côté in a multidisciplinary production that explores Norman McLaren’s life and work. Incorporating and interweaving several different media, the ballet is both an evocation of and inquiry into the world and imagination of one of Canada’s most uncategorizable and accomplished, yet elusive, artists.


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