Slideshow Creation


Robert Lepage’s creative style rests on intuition and gives actors, designers and technicians the latitude to contribute and to invent the shows together with him.

Cross-cultural experiences and a diverse and baroque character are at the heart of Lepage’s work. These elements are echoed by a creative process which, rather than relying on themes, principles and subjects, makes use of all kinds of resources: objects, places, anecdotes, historical or other events, memories…

By freely associating ideas, the creative team can discover poetic connections between these seemingly unrelated elements. The shows develop in an organic manner, like a tree that sees its branches grow in unexpected directions…

Common characteristics often recur from show to show: a visual framework influenced by cinema, a sense of ritual (Lepage believes that theatre is a place for communion), and a highly developed formal side that sees usually decorative elements become infused with meaning and emotion.